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All Areas
    Fun Brain
  • Math–
    • Whole numbers, division, numbers less than 1000
    • Multiplication, numbers less than 1000
    • Division, numbers from –100 to 100
    • Multiplication, numbers from -10 to 10.
    • Addition and subtraction with negatives numbers from –5 to 5
    • Addition and subtraction with negatives, numbers –10 to 10
    • Addition and subtraction with negatives numbers –20 to 20
    • Decimals, addition, 4 decimal places
    • Decimals, subtraction, 3 decimal places
    • Decimals, subtraction, 4 decimal places
    • Decimals, multiplication, 1 place
    • Decimals, multiplication, 2 places
    • Decimal, division, 1 decimal place
    • Geometry Area numbers less than 100
    • Perimeter Numbers less than 100
    • Graphing X-Y graphs, 1 Quadrant
    • Fractions, simplify numbers less than 100
  • Language
    • Grammar, all parts of speech
    • Idioms, animals or moods
    • Plurals, fill in the blanks
  • United States
    • States, open ended
    • State capitals, multiple choice
    • Presidents

Learning Planet

  • Rats : catch nouns/verbs, common nouns/proper nouns, and adjectives/adverbs in the basket. There are sixteen levels.
  • Fraction Frenzy : fast paced puzzle game. Helps students practice equivalent fractions. Timed game. Levels increase in difficulty
  • Geography Quiz : Quizzes over state capitals and level three is figuring out where a state is located.
  • Spacey Math : arcade style drill game. Divided into sections of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Basic math skills are practiced.
Earth Science

Volcanoes Webquest Students learn about different types of volcanoes and eruptions around the world. This is a very good site.


Brain Pop Movie about electricity.

Electricity on Line This is a Thinkquest site. This site boasts of lessons, theory, activities, and more.

Fables and Folktales

Folklore, Myth, and Legends This site has any and just about all stories you will ever find. It is a comprehensive listing and an excellent resource.

Language Arts

Mystery Net's Kid's Mysteries Mysteries to solve, scary stories, and contests.

Paint By Idiom Students paint a character by correctly selecting the correct meaning for the idiom given. I am unsure of the grade level. Please see if this fits in to your curriculum.

Virtual Poetry Kids create poems by dragging and dropping words on their screen. This works like refrigerator magnets. This site is lots of fun! Wacky Web Tales Students practice parts of speech while writing silly stories. Caution students about appropriateness BEFORE they start. Sometimes the kids tend to get carried away and not think about what they are writing!


Absolutely Hootie This site is full of fairy and folktales from around the world. Students can read the tales and then discuss the plot and settings back in the class. This site will also coincide with the folk and fairly tales objectives.

Scott Foresman This website corresponds to the lessons in the reader. They have an activity for each unit.

Willy Wonka Wonka.Com has games to play. This is a nice reward after reading the book. Students can learn about Java applications while having fun.

Social Studies

50 States You will find all sorts of information about all the states and their capitals. The information is listed in a condensed form making it easy to pick out the important facts for projects and papers.

50 States Webquest This site has a printable page for information the students must find about the state they are studying. If you do not want to complete the webquest and have the students make a multimedia presentation about the state they researched you could use this as an introductory activity.

Black History Treasue Hunt This is a wonderful web activity in which students learn all about Dr. Martin Luther King.


Lots of Hurricane Sites This site has lots of links for good hurricane sites for children. Each link has a descriptive paragraph letting you know what it is about.

Surfnet Weather Links More links to weather sites with a descriptive paragraph for each site.

Scarey Twisters Students learn about formation of tornadoes, rotation, and strength of tornadoes. Students learn about tornado safety also.

Web of Life and Food Chain

Web of Life Defenders of Wildlife Wild animal fact sheets for animals all around the world. There is a nicely written story about the web of life.


Links by Level

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