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Mixed Subjects Fun Brain Educational games
  • Math:
    • Addition or subtraction numbers less than 1000
    • Addition numbers less than 5000
    • Multiplication: numbers less than 5 or less than 10
    • Division: numbers less than 5 or divisor under 10, dividend less than 20
    • Addition and Subtraction: One Decimal place
    • Addition- two decimal places
    • Less than or Greater than numbers less than 1000
    • Fractions: simplify numbers less than 10
  • Grammar:
    • nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns
    • Homophones
    • Verb conjugation,Was and Were
  • Money Skills: change numbers less than 1000

Fun School This site has many different activities for students. The list is too long and varied for me to put here. Please visit this site and see what can fit into your curriculum. Subjects are listed by grade level.

Animal Research

Animal Pictures This is the Yahooligans search engine.

AMNH - Expedition Endangered species.

Animal Babies What do you call a baby codfish? You don't know? Find out at this and names for other baby animals at this website!

Awesome Library Another good source for finding out about endangered animals.

Biome/Habitat Printouts Get your printouts here!

Creature World This is a fun site. Click on a continent to begin your learning adventure.

exZooberance Come Celebrate the Animal Kingdom!

FoodChain What to know where your animal is in the foodchain? Look here! This is a webquest but you can use their resources.

Kids Planet This is their E-sheet for over 50 different species of animals!

Enchanted Learning This is a nicely put together list of animal baby names.

Techno-Bowl Resource List This is a list of websites for finding information about animals.

USGS-BRD Features This is a cute interactive quiz for kids to take. They can test how much they have really learned about animals!


Ask Earl Read the question about Ants.

Cities and Communities

Lenexa KS This is an excellent local city government site. Learn the who's who of Lenexa city government, new laws, the water shed, new laws, and more.

Another good resource that we have available for finding information about cities is our Worldbook On Line subscription. We also have Encarta CD's available.


Brain Pop Students can watch movie and take a quiz about electricity.

Famous People

American Heros Learn about Revolutionary War Heros.

3rd Grade Biography Resource List This is a collection of links to sites about famous people. Listed among the many different people you will find Amelia Earhart, Pocahontas, and "Stonewall" Jackson!

Biography.Com This is the search engine in the Biography website. Use it to look for your famous American hero!

Meet Amazing Americans Look up some pretty amazing Americans at the Library of Congress!

Presidents of the United States This is the White House's site.

Third Grade Biography Study This is another list of links gathered by a teacher. There are some current heros on this page.


Brain Pop Watch cartoons, take a quiz, and read about various experiments while learning about volcanoes, rocks, and more!

Earthquakes! This site has short, easy to read pages. Cute graphics make it interesting. Click on the cracking globe to begin learning about seismographs, plate tectonics, and seismic waves.

Rocks and Minerals This was put together for a 4th grade class. There is a lot of information at this site.

Rock Hounds Cute site with information on various rocks.

Wonderful World of Minerals This thinkquest Jr. site houses lots of information on minerals, gems, crystals, metals, and volcanoes. This site was made by middle school students!

Volcanoes! Lots of information is here! Learn about the different types volcanoes found around the world. Movie clips can be found here also!

USGS Earthquakes for Kids Facts, stories, and fun activities from the USGeological Survey folks.

Brain Pop Movies and quizzes about simple machines.

Simple Machines This is a one page explanation of simple machines. It has a quiz.

EdHead's Simple Machines This site has a nice layout and lots of interesting information about simple machines.

Language Arts

English Idioms Cat got your tongue? Better get him out of your mouth then! Learn all about various idioms at this site.

Idioms Work with more idioms here!

Math Skills

AAA Math This is a fabulous site. There are practice drills for all grade levels!

More links to Math Sites Please see the Multi-Grades Page for links to more great math sites!

Plants  bear watching seedling grow

Plants Learn more about plants and their life cycles while collecting clues to solve a mystery! This is a fun activity!

Plants Parts List Learn about the various parts of plants.


Scott Foresman has lessons that go along with the weekly stories.

Your Teacher's Sites

Miss Haller Find out what is happening in Miss Haller's class!

Miss Lindsay See what is going on here!

Mrs. McEntire Wow, check out her links!

Water Cycle

Brain Pop Students can watch a movie about the water cycle and then take a quiz!

MathMol Hypermedia Textbook! This is an electronic textbook! You will find cute graphics and very good explanations about water's three states of existance.

The Many Adventures of Drippy the Rain Drop This is a popular site about the water cycle. This is done in story format. Please check out this site and see if you think it is "too young" for your students.


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